8 Ball Pool


8 Ball Pool

Let’s face it – we’ve seen games of all kinds over the past decade. What started as a pixel-made game version full of slow loading times and bugs has transformed into a growing industry where mobile games dominate the world. One of them is 8 Ball Pool, the Miniclip game that dominates the Sports game category on Android and is known as the best pool simulator out there.

What Makes 8 Ball Pool Special?

There are really a lot of features that make this Android game special. But most of them all is the real-world experience that the game offers – which is something that even pool players love playing. Whether you are new to pool or a master in the game, you will love Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool on your Android device just because of this feature.

As you probably know, 8 Ball Pool has always been an iconic game, even before its introduction to the mobile world. It is played millions of times on a daily basis on Miniclip as a web version, but the Android 8 Ball Pool edition is also getting a lot of traction.

Aside from the real feel when playing this game, the amazing gravity of the balls, as well as the curve on the cue ball, there are a lot of features that make 8 Ball Pool Interesting. Below, we are talking more about them.

8 Ball Pool For Android: The Best 5 Features

Since its first introduction to the mobile market, 8 Ball Pool went through some major changes. In reality, it was the developers who ‘suffered’ during this process the most – only because of the complexity of the game and the mouse gameplay which had to be repurposed in a finger-touch experience.

Luckily, they did a great job and made it interactive and engaging. You can aim with one finger and then shoot with another – but also be calm and take your time before each shot (although it is expiring fast if you are new to the game).

Below we are listing the best features of 8 Ball Pool for Android:

1.Multiplayer & Social Media Integration: The best thing about 8 Ball Pool is the simple fact that you can challenge and play online pool with anyone in the world who installed or logged in the game on their Android device. Searching for friends is simple, and beating them is the sweetest part. The multiplayer experience is also added in all tournaments and challenges, making you earn coins based on your skill against other people. Still, if you want to practice there is the training mode which makes things a lot more easier.

Multi-Player Options 8 Ball Pool

2.Customization: You can customize anything in Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool for Android – from your cue to the skin and texture of the table and even more. You can play with a Dragon cue, an iCue or a Christmas cue, and even make the table blue, violet or green with a texture of your choice.

8 Ball Pool Customisation

3.Win Rewards Every Day: Every day, you are allowed to spin a wheel and see what your luck will bring. The rewards range from coins to cues and other promotions, as well as power boosts and better features you can taste day by day.

Daily Rewards 8 Ball Pool

4.Level-UP: There are 150 levels in this game, and leveling up is what makes the game more exciting and challenging for players. For example, if you play it a lot and get to the Level 150, you will also unlock tables with more priced tournaments and be able to challenge master players of your kind.

5.Special Features: You can also purchase extra features such as better spin, stronger shot or more curve on your cue ball. Aside from the poles that have their own pros and cons, you can re-buy the skills you need and make your gameplay even better.

Upgrades 8 Ball Pool

A Final Word

Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool is undoubtedly one of the most rapid-growing games for Android and one that players love playing. Whether it’s a 3-round tournament that gets you a major coin prize or a 1-on-1 battle with your friend, the game is very realistic and has it all – in fact, so much realistic that you may prefer it over the real pool experience once you start playing it.